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Some Google Analytics Metrics You Should Be Having In Mind.

Most people are advised to get companies to help them with the google analytics because if you have no idea, your website will fail that is why it is important for you to ala outsource it to another company or lying to yourself. However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind when it comes to google analytics. Some of these things include knowing how to position yourself on search engines and getting to know the traffic you have.

But, if you have no idea about google analytics then it is high time for you to learn one thing, more info. Bear in mind, this article is going to look at some of the things you need to consider especially if you are new to google analytics.

Bounce Rate Is Important.

What the bounce rate determines the number of people who are visiting your site especially on a single page session and how many are able to stay there for a long period of time, click here.

this is the easiest way for you to know the number of people who visit your website and do not look for anything else. If you have a high bounce rate, this means that many people are not really interested with your website, probably, because they have a negative impression.

this might be as a result of two things, the kind of content you have on your website or ultimately the kind of general outlook of the website.

If your website is hard to navigate, not many people interested in checking other things out, click here for more. On the other hand, make sure you check the kind of ads that are running on your website because if a certain part of your site says that a certain id is running and viewers don’t find that ad, then we definitely not check other pages.

Make Sure You Check The Average Session Duration.

Next, check the average session duration and this means the amount of time people spend before leaving your website, this helps you determine when are people are enjoying content on your website or not, view here for more.

The average session duration might be as a result of two things, the first is that you might have targeted the wrong audience and therefore have a wrong impression of them about your content Or your content does not really vibe with them.

One way of making it easier for people to read through your content is coming up with creative content something that is broken down For your readers to read, read more now. In order for you to make sure you are not targeting the wrong audience, make sure you are marketing your content right.

Make Sure You Check Whether There Are New Visitors.

A simple way for you to get the right metrics is to ensure that your website has new visitors.